Father knows best…

yesterday was a routine day when i woke up.  aside from being sunday, which is church day, i didn’t think much else would happen to me. we had a Christmas party planned that night for our community group at our house, so i was pretty focused on that.  so focused in fact that church was almost a little too routine.


went down to children’s ministries and faced the usual challenges, kids to classes, chaos, hyper kids. still, i wasn’t focused on church and i certainly wasn’t focused on God at all. i was more or less doing my thing. what i was focused on was getting home to get the turkey roasted, house cleaned, gifts wrapped, house clean, buffet areas set… you see where i’m going. God certainly didn’t have my attention.


after first service, i struggled upstairs to make it just in time for ‘big church’. we attend second service and i’m always about 10-15 minutes late…i find a friend to talk to, a hug to give, a kid to engage… anyway, my mind was still distracted. still far away from where it needed to be. however, this particular day, i managed to breeze down the aisle and make it into my seat as we started praise.


WHAM! our beloved worship leader of yore was leading service, just 3 days after the birth of his 4th daughter. alright, God, i’m kinda back in the room… because listening to josh sing and play just touches me. moves me. brings out the goodness in me. his awesome faith restores me. but God wasn’t done, because when josh spoke to us, i began to weep- knowing that he and his family had been through some difficult times, and that the birth of his new daughter charis (pronounced carys- means grace) ray (after a beloved elder of our church who passed last Christmas day) was a rebirth for his family too. through tears i sang, trying to open up my heart and mind to God.


but sometimes, God speaks the old fashioned way to me, straight from the Bible and pulpit.  we had the incredible good fortune to listen to taido yesterday, a pastorly wordsmith with a gift for self-introspection that he shares with us. we don’t get to hear from him much (since he works with the middle schoolers) and for me, its far too often inbetween “taido teachings”. meaning that i really like how this dude teaches. ok, now to be fair, i absolutely ADORE his family- but when taido teaches, i can somehow hear God clearer.


so in my clouded head of things i have to do, places to go, things to clean, food to cook- i was trying to stay in that cloud; self-focused. and like the 1960’s batman show, it came outta nowhere…




taido was talking about everlasting Father- out of isaiah 9:6. part of a 4-sunday sermon series on ways to describe Jesus. and to be quite frank, honest, and blunt- i was blown away. reduced to a pile of tears as God had my full and undivided attention through his faithful servant, taido, who delivered this sermon with such grace and finesse, well, i was just done in. because as he related my relationship to my earthly father (my daddy)  to my relationship with my heavenly father. WOW! it was mind-blowing. not because i have ‘dad’ issues, because my daddy been the one constant in my entire life.  and what i realized is that God should be that for me as well.


i can only implore you to go listen to the sermon yourself, if you have the opportunity. its long, so put it on in the background- i will probably listen again this week while i’m working. to remind myself of the love, the truth, and the power of Everlasting Father…


thanks taido…you and God had me at ‘so I chose Everlasting Father…’

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4 responses

  1. I thought the entire service was fantastic as well. I do have negative Daddy issues so I was a bit weepy to say the least. I looooooove it when God speaks to me when I am so not prepared to hear Him.

  2. We all know I have daddy issues…I leaned over and said to Adam, “Hey Savannah Shelton wrote that she’s thankful her daddys a protector”. At least she picked a good word to describe her dad. I wonder what the boys would put…going to go and ask them tonight. I wrote the word “Trying” Because he tries my last nerve and I try to get to know him and it just doesn’t work…I went up to Tadio after church and said, “it isn’t every day that I end up crying in church” it was a GREAT sermon and the prayers at the end I was trying to dry my eyes quickly before everyone opened them :)

  3. I’ve had dad issues since I was 8…and it took a long time for me to trust that my heavenly Father loved me for me and would “never leave me nor forsake me”. It was dads like your dad – warm and loving – that allowed me to even consider that God would be warm and loving too…please tell your earthly father hello for me….and Merry Christmas!

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