remember me? probably not…

so i promised like a month ago i was gonna write more. except that i didn’t.

**whew** great thing i don’t have thousands of followers.

anyway, i found this little jewel when cleaning out folders on my computer.  y’all won’t believe it but i have a folder titled blog. no, i swear, i really do.


would you like a side of warranty with that?


usually, i wouldn’t take the precious time, space or energy to blog about something
related to walmart.  they get a lot of press already.  but their product
replacement service is outta this world- and i feel the need to share it with
you, if for no other reason, than to have you to dial the number: 866-257-6542.
more about that in a minute.

back story: santa brought thing1 a nintento ds lite for christmas in 2008.  now, santa is a saavy guy and he even thought to include an additional warranty on the ds… not really understanding the nuances but its an electronic device going to a 7 yr old boy. (nuff said)

flash forward to sick week and he dropped his ds in a fit of fever and delirium. and
the bottom screen went out.  now, if you’re not familiar with these little devices, they look like this:


and the bottom screen is a touch screen, meaning that you manipulate your game with it (iPhone-ish).  so no bottom screen = no game play.  and thing1 was devastated.
but santa remembered somewhere in the back of her fuzzy mind that there were
papers stored somewhere in the house for this little device. papers that may
possibly get the thing repaired so that mom wasn’t out $130.

2 hours of turning our house upside down yielded the papers.  and yes, it was still covered under this ‘warranty’.  now i’ve always been leary of these things- because rarely have i had a good experience with them. but, i had a crying, snotting, pneumonia-ridden boy and i had loads of work to do at home.  so we loaded up and went to wallyworld. i showed them all the paperwork and she gave me a tri-fold brochure. go home. call the number.

i wasn’t feeling too spiffy at this point and he was catatonic.  calming him down, i called the number. i was on hold.  (again, more about this in a minute)  a very nice sounding lady got on the phone.  now by this time, thing1 is coughing-crying, and thing2 is chasing the cat around the house.  you get where i’m going—it was absolute mass hysteria and i’m on the phone. i explained the situation and viola, she’s going
to make it all better.

she tells me to package up the broken ds for shipping. and i can see the writing on
the way:  ship it, they repair it, and ship it back. then she surprises me and says she’s emailing me a shipping label (and i’m thinking- yea- not out $10 bucks).
then she explains the process- which is not the process i’m expecting.

once the ups driver scans the package, it will automagically trigger the replacement
department to ship a gift card for $150. that’s it. they don’t even have to receive it back before they mail the gift card.  and i’m sitting there in silence- not really believing. and there’s a website where i can track the progress of this entire transaction.  and the whole time, i’m thinking- it was $9.88 for this. that’s it. that’s the cost of the extended warranty on this little device. and they’re refunding me tax,
warranty, and ds price.

true enough, we shipped it off. we looked online and saw where ups scanned the
label. we looked at the website and watched as it went from initiated to pending to resolved.

we got the gift card. a recovered thing1 got a dsi (using his own hard-earned rock
sale money to pay for an upgrade).

and yes, i put another warranty on that one.


the phone hold thing:

ok- seriously, i’ve never encountered this before. 866-257-6542 is the number. it’s a new service they’ve instituted – while you’re holding, if you press 3- it will compliment you.  and there’s fanfare trumpets and everything- and it says things like “you’re the best customer ever” or “thank you for being such a great customer”.  you have to call
after hours get to play that little game, but it was a scream.


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