still have questions?  lemme take a stab at them:

who are you?

possibly the funniest undiscovered mom in a while! no, seriously, i’m a simple gal living in NLR, AR (a hot springs native). fearless mother of two OVERACTIVE boys, incredibly supportive wife of ‘bob’, caretaker of the varmints…i’d upload a pic, but its difficult since i’m the photog in the family. oh, yea, i work too.

why do you write? no one cares?

its my therapy- not yours. also, i’m surrounded and inspired by great women who write- see the blogroll on the homepage for a glimpse at other greatness.

what do you like?

our Lord, my church, my husband (most of the time) and my boys known as thing 1 and thing 2; heifer international; liberry books; johnny depp; the beach, preferably with a nice lime daquiri; bull durham; arkansas razorbacksu280’s pop musicdiet vanilla coke; popcorn; anything chocolate; johnny depp; marks & spenser extremely chocolatey mini bites; Paris in springtime; james mardsen; robert downey jr; newsweekentertainment weekly; yahoo; southwest airlines; disney world; harry potter; did i mention johnny depp?


legal mumbo-jumbo: (stolen mostly from kerri jackson case)


this is MY personal blog. it is written, edited and maintained by me. if you would like to use my words, please tell me (or give me credit). i currently do not accept advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions. i write for me and my love for absurdity- meaning, this is my form of uber-cheap therapy, not yours.


no one pays me for my opinions. i think the legal terminology is: i am currently not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. the views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely mine and mine alone.  i know an awful lot about 80′s music, my darling boys, and chocolate- other than that, i’m a blathering idiot. If somebody gives, barters, or pays me for an opinion on their product or service, i will gladly and boldly point that out.


i currently use the twitters, facebooks, and even instagrams to promote myself shamelessly. if i decide to get some bling/bucks/dollars as a result of my brillance, i’ll revise this and let you know before i start charging for my nuggets of wisdom and or membership. links contained herein i either find funny, find necessary, or just find.  i fully believe that this blog does NOT in any way, shape, or form present a conflict of interest for myself.


READ and HEED: i mean this in the strictest sense of the words, all images of my children are mine, belong to me, and SHOULD NOT BE MESSED WITH, shared or otherwise used without my express written consent. i am a mother and a southern woman. Those two statements should be powerful motivator for you to leave my younguns alone.


 occasionally often, i utilize pop culture references and they are not my own- which will be very easily identifiable.  i have no creative skill nor do i claim credit for other’s.


should you need to contact me to offer me an enormous book contract, reality show or all-expense vacation, please email me at bkimrey1 at comcast dot net (if you can’t figure out the email address, don’t bother).



6 responses

  1. You and my friend Jeanetta should start a local chapter of the Johnny Depp fan club. I could bring the towels to mop up the drool… lol.

  2. ok, you are my sweet cousin…capable of any & everything. i enjoy your blogs almost as much as i enjoy you. ok, the blog is more accessible than you! thank you so much for having me & the girls by. i’ll vouch for the testosterone level in your home after watching many….many push-ups of every conceivable style performed as soon as my sweet lovely ladies hit the door!! i love you dearly…and enjoy & appreciate all you are to your daddy & to all of the rest of us!

    GOD BLESS you all in 2009!!

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